Friendly Vegetarians

In response to my last post, I was sent a fairly appreciative e-mail by The PB&J Campaign:

The PB&J Campaign is working to combat environmental destruction by reducing the amount of animal products people eat. The PB&J Campaign approaches positive change one meal at a time by illuminating the differences one single dining decision can make.

I’m not sure they noticed my last post on food declared the opposite of this , but it can’t hurt to give them a plug.


2 thoughts on “Friendly Vegetarians

  1. Thanks for the plug!

    And, for what it’s worth, while I am lacto-ovo vegetarian, the whole advisory board is not, and either way, a lacto-ovo vegetarian (who eats eggs and dairy) like me can have as big or bigger a footprint from animal products, in particular from the dairy side, as a meat eater who eats very little meat, and of that primarily chicken and certain fish, say farm-raised tilapia.

    It’s the vegans who have us all beat.

    1. The vegans do indeed win at that game, however their diet makes them so weak we can always just beat them up ;)

      While I’m not convinced changing eating habits will have a big affect on its own, thinking about it will certainly make people more aware of how interconnected our food supplies are, and the effect our consumption and production have on the environment.

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