Top Blogging for the 13th December

  • Hopi Sen has a good idea for a Party Election Broadcast. If only they ever let middle aged men near the reins of power, we’d all be saved. Blast!
  • Carl Packman thinks the Tory charge of pre-Budget electioneering is wrong.
  • Septicisle thinks detaining children is wrong, Phil Woolas of course disagrees and you have to decide who is right.
  • Touchstone Blog reveals that the bottom half own only nine per cent of the nation’s wealth and there is big divide on pensions too.
  • Jim Jepps is not happy about the body fascists at the Daily Mail.
  • Rumpold alerts us to some multiculturalism the Swiss are actually quite keen on. Hypocrites? I’ll let you decide.
  • Watch this video.