Top Blogging for the 10th December

  • Liberal Conspiracy asks for your views on what the Press Complaints Commission should do.
  • Duncan asks if the market knows more than George Osborne. Yes, yes it does.
  • Next Left are skeptical that Labour are engaged in any sort of class war.
  • MacGuffin introduces to a new Urban Myth, watch out for this one guys. Who’s the bad guy? Well… they’re brown.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to A Very Public Sociologist who treats us to some juicy Stat Porn and some insights on Porn as Ideology.

I’ve not read this from Dave Semple yet but this must be the weakest praise any Labourite can direct at anyone, ever: “Pre-budget report: not as bad as Ramsay MacDonald” (I have now read it, I must say I largely agree)