I’ve just found the Department for International Development’s free quarterly magazine Developments.

Although I would normally presume this is ripe for the chop, given that everyone is ringfencing international development aid – yey! – I think it is safe to subscribe.

Developments is a free magazine – published four times a year – and website which tells the stories of people and organisations who are working to end poverty.

Our aim is to make the often complex issues of development clear, accessible and compelling. While the goal of development, the eradication of poverty, is not contentious, the path often is – and Developments aims to stimulate debate around the best way to create a fairer world for all people.

Their articles are also available online. Although I differ substantially from the DfID’s position on most developmental topics (not as much as I do with the Tories, but that’s for another post), this is a subject which I am passionate about and I’m quite pleased to see what my taxes are funding.

I will report back if its any good, but for the moment I think it would be wise to subscribe, especially as we’ve all already paid for it.

Paul, I think you might be interested in particular.