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GOOD Islamic Practise.

The SVP used the [referendum on banning the minaret ] as an assault on what it depicts as the inroads of political Islam in Switzerland, including Sharia practices and oppression of women. “We just want to stop further Islamisation in Switzerland,” Walter Wobmann, head of a committee backing the initiative, said after the vote.

BAD Islamic Practise.

It appears the Swiss are only keen on banning some “Islamisation.” You know the stuff you can ban to keep migrants and minorities in their place but which doesn’t lose you any money.

Switzerland has decided to send a message and message is loud and clear! No Islamification, except where it is profitable!

The principles of Islamic finance are somewhat differnt to the finance which we are used to.

In Islamic banking the payment of interest fees is forbid, as it  investing in businesses that provide goods or services considered contrary to its principles. There are lots of other rules, but you can research those yourself.

For example you cannot provide a loan of £10,000 payable at 10% interest per annum  over a 30 year period to a Sausage maker. However, you can offer to buy someone a house for £200,000 and have them pay you back £300,000 over 30 years instead of charging interest.

The arguments against the building of Minarets all tend to fall down once a careful look is taken.

The referendum cannot have been about disturbance caused by the call to prayer issued form Minarets, as that is already covered by noise pollution legislation.

Nor, could it be about the imposition of Minarets of the rural idylls of Switzerland as local planning laws could stop unwanted Minarets.

Neither in the light of the presence of Islamic finance is it a backlash against some phantom “Islamisation.”

Unfortunately Switzerland has reached a point where building a Minaret is the height of imposition. However, running a bank based on Sharia principles is not.

The only place where Sharia law is practised in Switzerland it appears to have been welcomed. However, a small number of minarets built by law abiding citizens and residents appears to be a step to far for the Swiss.


5 thoughts on “Hypocrites

  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with accepting some aspects of a foreign culture (which may or may not prove financially profitable for the recipient country) and rejecting other aspects of that culture.

    For example, during the Pol Pot years in Cambodia, I’d have been happy to accept some aspects of Cambodian culture, but not the “shoot anyone with glasses” idea that Pol Pot was keen on. How about you?

    As to Islam, I’m not impressed by the fact that about 20% of Muslims in the U.K. think anyone who quits Islam should be killed. I’m not impressed by the Muslim habit of killing the authors and publishers they don’t like. Perhaps you are impressed by these Nazi type policies.

    Of course minarets are not as depraved as the above two aspects of Islam. But accept a culture lock stock and barrel plus millions of its adherants, and you’ll eventually get the evil aspects of the culture along with the good aspects.

    Islam basically has nothing to offer the West. If we had a vote tomorrow, I’d vote for them all to go home to what they claim to be nirvana: Islamic states, or predominantly Muslim states.

  2. Reductio ad Pol Potium Check
    Reductio ad Hitlerum Check
    Reductio ad Minarets are not as depravium… Wait a second there’s no term invented yet for something so mind blowingly stupid. Its a tower! A T O W E R.

    As I’ve pointed out above, the recent referendum was not about a fight back against “Islamification” because none was occurring anywhere apart from a small sector of Switzerland’s financial services.

    The threats which you point to are all already covered by the laws present in Switzerland.

    “As to Islam, I’m not impressed by the fact that about 20% of Muslims in the U.K. think anyone who quits Islam should be killed”

    First of all, as shown by this survey Muslim attitudes differ widely across different countries, so what you say has little baring on what happened in Switzerland. Secondly, cite some sources if you’re going to libel 20% of Britain’s Muslims, because I think you’re talking crap. No, the Daily Mail is not a reliable primary source.

    “Islam basically has nothing to offer the West.”

    Well, I know its going back just a little but Islam did reintroduce most of the maths and philosophy discovered by the Greeks which we had lost through the Dark Ages. You know, the basis of Western Civilization.

    In more recent news: Immigrants good.

    Prejudiced views against Religion: Bad.

    Also see: Falafel

    “If we had a vote tomorrow, I’d vote for them all to go home to what they claim to be nirvana: Islamic states, or predominantly Muslim states.”

    So you’re saying that if we had a vote tomorrow you’d vote BNP. That is one of their policies you know…

    Alternatively there’s this thing called revealed preferences. It basically says what people do is probably what they want to do. So perhaps you’re saying “If we had a vote I’d send them to where ever they want to go.” In which case, as they’re here (not there), they would pop into thin air like magic and reappear just like that where they were.


    There are perfectly legitimate arguments in favour of preserving a unique culture, such as Switzerland’s, however you haven’t provided any of them.

  3. Judging from the overblown reaction one might think that the Swiss people have exercised their democratic rights in order to ban Muslim’s from worshipping or even perhaps from even being in the country. As it is Muslims can still practice their faith in Switzerland; their mosques have not been pulled down, and given that there is no actual requirement for this particular feature of Islamic architecture to be present in order for them to worship none of this is even remotely unexpected to people who aren’t overblowing the whole issue.

    Now admittedly “Swiss voters reject out of character Islamic architectural feature that’s not actually required for Muslims to worship freely” isn’t exactly the headline to drive a bout of faux-outrage. But if we really wanted to write about Islam using words like “religious freedom” and “hypocrisy” we could look at self declared Islamic states and how they deal with other religions, perhaps even Muslims converting to other religions would be a good place to start? What’s that; it wouldn’t be trendy to notice such things? Ok then, better not!

  4. There’s very little point blogging if you don’t take things seriously.

    Now I understand your pint about Saudia Arabia et al but I hold Switzerland in far far higher esteem than I do the bastards in the Houe of Sauds, any perhaps some of this “outrage” is more like disappointment.

    As I’ve argued about the referndem wasn’t really just about Swiss people saying, no ugly buildings here. Non-Muslims will be able to build ugly buildings out of keeping with Swiss architecture if they can get through the planning procedure.

    What we have here is state sponsored discrimination and I don’t think that a country like Switzerland should be engaging in that.

    It may not be an infringement of their freedom of religion but it is an infringement to their liberty. In a democracy the equality of citizens before the law, and the moral eqivelence of citizens are essential preconditions to its functioning properly . This is what Switzerland is in danger of compromising.

    (I don’t understand your whataboutery with regard to the various human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland banned Minarets this week. That’s why I’m blogging it. When I have something interesting to say on Saudi Arabia I will, but just condemning it isn’t particularly interesting. When I have an angle, I will blog it?)

  5. Islamic banking is the same as conventional banking,they just change the terminology ,they charge” profit ” instead of interest… HYPOCRITES

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