Picking a Tick: UPDATED

Just a quickie making fun of The Daily Mail (H/T Adam Bienkov).

They’re at it again trying to claim that Electricity Pylons, Telephone Masts and other things that spoil views cause headaches through a “electro smog.” There is no evidence for this.

Rather than fisk the article in a Ben Goldacre-lite fashion I thought I’d just point to something that annoyed me.

For the reality is that these sprawling new grids of pulsing signals will add immeasurably to the amount of electromagnetic radiation in the air

No, for fucks sake, no! “Immeasurably”!? No. I think you mean “Measurably,” you know, because you can “measure” it… with “science.”

Sometimes, I don’t know why I bother!


Christ almighty, it gets better!

The computer industry airily dismisses any concerns, claiming that Wi-Fi uses only a few watts of energy – ‘less than a lightbulb’.

But this ignores the fact that light and microwaves are different kinds of electromagnetic radiation, so the analogy with the lightbulb is meaningless.

No, no, no, no! A thousand noes! They are not different “kinds” of radiation. They are different frequencies of radiation. Its like someone has hacked the Mail and posted a parody (thinking about it, most Mail output is like that)

Alasdair Philips is the director of Powerwatch, an independent organisation researching electromagnetic fields and health.

Titty-fucking-Jehovah, he’s a director?


Tim Worstall has written the same post as me by sheer chance. It appears there really is only one reaction to this credulous nincompoopery

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