Selected Reading 03/11/09

You might guess by now that I’m not happy. Actually, fucking incandescent is closer to the truth.

  • More Nutt from Liberal Conspiracy, and a quite extensive discussion in the comments.
  • Jon Snow and his ties ask us to reconsider how we deal with drugs.
  • Some dreadful news from Uganda.
  • A fun graph from Mr Eugenides. I’m not sure he has a point other than we’re all fucked. I can see very little correlation from a policy perspective, but it sure is scary. Maybe the message is “keep your financial services sector small and stunted.”
  • Tim Worstall manages to fuck up twice in one post which is mostly quote. He claims India is a neoliberal success story (more liberal doesn’t equal neoliberal) and he calls me Jack Straw’s son. Oh dear Tim.
  • Giles Wilkes’ new paper Slash and Grow is here. I recommend it, its easy to digest but thorough enough that it should give Dave and George pause for serious thought. But if you don’t want to read the whole thing here’s a summary on his blog.
  • Of course, I can only really end with this From Phil BC – a South Korean has defected to the North. Guess he dismissed this awful rightist propaganda from the BBC… (H/T Charles Crawford)

Another great graph, better than Mr Eugenides’, courtesy of Mr Krugman.

World industrial production in the Great Depression and now:

two crises

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