Coming Soon to an RSS feed near you

I’m going drinking. Not there, but you get the idea, I won’t be blogging.

Posting will be a bit light on the ground for a few days – until Tuesday if you’re lucky but possibly Wednesday or Thursday – so I thought Id give you an schedule of what you’ve got to look forward to.

First of I’ve got to finish my second post on Fairtrade entitled Thomas Byrne is still wrong on Fairtrade. It is going to be a but wonkish, so if you like a bit of pop-faux-Socialist economics this will be right up your alley.

Getty Images/Dylan Thomas
Getty Images/Dylan Thomas

I’m also deeply worried by this economist article, entitled “Where the axe should fall” and accompanied by yet another excellent, and chilling, front cover.

I’ll be responding in due course to the suggestion that welfare must take the bulk of the cut, and that universal benefits must be abandoned too.

Two projects which I have been putting off for some time will also begin to come to fruition.

In my first few weeks I published a piece entitled Where did it all go wrong? This promised, “in the following days and weeks I will be posting a series of articles outlining the tributaries that have lead to the torrent of disasters which now face us.”

As well as being unecesarily verbiose I was also wrong, it has taken me five months to even begin putting together this series of posts. However, the time is right to put together a backbone for this blog.

As I tear one of the last great intellectual newspapers to shreds, eviscerate Thomas Byrne, and finally explain – and ultimately resolve – the worst economic crisis in a century, I will also be posting on the Great Transformation of China. Describing how a poverty stricken pariah-nation turned into the workshop of the world. All while riding a unicycle and juggling knives too.

But for the moment I’m going to sit back and enjoy a lovely bottle of Perrin & Fils Côtes du Rhône Villages as my friend is having a few of us over for dinner. Call me a Shiraz Socialist too.