Selected Reading 13/09/09

Low on content for your blog? Why not run a Selected Reading post?

Anyway, mock-self-flagellation aside, don’t forget about my “You Could Make It Up!” Challenge, what bigoted twaddle will Richard Littlejohn write about next? If I can predict it, so can you, answers on Twitter, e-mail or comments.

  • In what has become an already dull tradition, a list of the most popular children’s names has been published. Apparently some people are calling their kids funny foreign names. Like Claude or Anton…. Hmmm.
  • Angry Mob point out why certain millionaire owned papers might want to keep the people distracted with immigrant bashing stories.
  • Dani Rodrik (who is a proper academic innit, who has a blog and is super cleva and everyfing) has written on Capitalism, Libertarianism and Gangsterism. His blog looks generally excellent, but he is taking a hiatus just as I discover it.
  • Are you a mouse of a monkey? asks Costigan Quist.
  • Left Foot Froward looks like exactly the sort of evidence based Socialism which I endorse. They have a great post on what happens when a country embraces an intellectually bankrupt economic ideology in the middle of a recession.
  • Old, but a cool exposition on banking, bailouts and capitalism from the Left Banker.
  • Mark Reckons deserves his place in the top of the 5 Lib Dem Bloggers. Evidenced with two posts I’d like to Reckonmend (Bah Dum Tish). The first points out the shocking fact that in his lifetime half of parliamentary seats have not changed hands. He also points out how self-serving it is for David Cameron to propose slashing the number of MPs, when it will only serve to increase the power of his (probable) future government.
  • Argentina legalises Personal Marijuana Use, one step forward to a world with a sensible drugs policy.
  • And the guys at the Third Estate have another great interview, this time with Nick Davies.
  • Ben’s Blog has a good post on the importance of rehabilitation in Prisons. The only Blog by a prison serving time in Britain.