I was just writing another piece on immigration – which will be published here soon – when I came across the following in Bloody Foreigners: The Story of Immigration to Britain by Robert Winder.

In late summer 1939 a pretty young Dutch-Irish girl called Edna van Heemstra was hastily evacuated from a boarding school in Kent by her mother, who feared that the Sout East would soon be struck by a thunderous aerial bombardment. She was by no means the only child to be steered away from the flightpath of the anticipated German bombing campaign. Indeed, she was one of the few able to take place by the simple expedient of going home. Home, however, was Holland – Arnhem of all places – and it would prove to be even more pregnant with peril than the place she had fled.

This is highlighted, and beside it, my 19 year old self has written “gutted to fuck.”

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