My second Quail: ID’s ridiculous, what sort of official document wouldn’t have a Union Jack on it?

Today I got to work early and accidentally picked up my friend’s copy of The Sun. I read this article and I started to feel a rage building inside me. Next time I get to work early, I’m just going to start work early.

ID’s ridiculous, what sort of official document wouldn’t have a Union Jack on it?

Alan Johnson ID cardAlan Johnson has today been slammed for his unpatriotic and craven appeal to the Socialists who hate our country. Today it was revealed that new national ID cards would no longer proudly display the Union Jack. The move was ordered to avoid upsetting groups who may not identify with the UK symbol, officials admitted.


The old design featured a Union Jack in the top right corner, as all official documents should. But the new cards have been altered in an attempt to pander to the “rights” of “minorities.” The Sun today submitted its own design for ID cards which is shown below.


Rent-a-Quote Nigel Farage applauded the decision not to put the EU flag on the card but said the “Union flag should be displayed, it’s what Churchill would have done.” The cards, which once featured heavily in the Government’s anti-Terrorism plans were thought essential in preventing future atrocities. However, the plan to make them compulsory has since been scrapped.


The Government has been accused of doing nothing more than making loud noises in support of the British people, and this latest fiasco proves it. Future home secretary Chris Grayling accused ministers of lacking pride in the nation’s flag.

He intoned: “If the Government don’t even have enough pride in our national flag to put it on an ID card that nobody wants then they really are out of touch with the national mood.” He added “the British people don’t mind a massive waste of money, so long as it has a flag on it.”


This minor Quail asks, in a nation of patriots, what sort of National Identity document wouldn’t have a Union Jack on it?

Hey, you! Put down that Passport! No, of course it doesn’t matter that your Passport doesn’t have a Union Jack in it. Ignore those rational thoughts: this is an outrage because we say so.