Nazis vs Retards

No, not Judd Atapow’s latest movie, but the awful competition on who can be the most grindingly offensive. In the Blue corner we have the Daily Mail, beloved of middle England and scourge of foreigners everywhere, and in the Red Corner we have the idiotic British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF).

Nazis vs Retards

So what prompted this outburst of bile from the Mail? It was a comment from the BAAF which frankly makes my skin crawl with its hypocrisy.

Most importantly, don’t worry about society. Children need good parents much more than retarded homophobes need an excuse to whinge, so don’t let your worries about society’s reaction hinder your desire and ability to give a child a loving caring home.

Sorry to be profane but What The Fuck?! Are the BAAF seriously expecting people to say: “Yeah! Stick it to those homophobes, they are retards!” Do they think we are 12 year olds?!

From the BAAF, we are to understand that to be prejudiced against people because of their sexuality is bad. But to be so carelessly prejudiced against the mentally handicapped that you don’t notice you are when you talk, write and even publish a report is okay.

The near instant implosion of the writer into reductio ad Hitlerum is almost comical, but it is unsurprising. Labelling people Nazis seems more ridiculous that offensive, we have become quite desensitised. It signifies authoritarianism in tabloidese more than anything else and I am not shocked to see it anymore.

The content of the article is a little more stomach churning. There are inserts describing the injustices done to homophobes who weren’t allowed to adopt. Moreover the article attempts to link homosexuality to paedophilia by discussing the 2006 case where of gay foster parents were convicted and jailed for paedophile offences against boys at their home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Of course, that sort of thing just isn’t done by us normal folk.

This is par for the course from The Mail. However, I still fail to understand how the BAAF, midway through a justifiable attack on homophobes, can speak in such a derogatory way about the disabled.

I am far more offended by the labelling of people, however unsavoury,as retarded than by a retaliatory strike labelling them Nazis. The BAAF are aware that words and ideas can cause real harm, yet they still failed to act responsibility. We live in a mixed up world where the Mail is the least offensive party in any exchange… I need to lie down.


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