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What have immigrants ever done for us?

Immigration is consistently rated in the top 5 concerns of the British electorate. In fact, apart from crime, health and education nothing consistently rates as highly in people’s concerns.

However, the are few topics so strewn with misinformation and lies as immigration. The Sun famously ran the bogus front page story “Swan Bake” about Asylum Seekers catching, killing and cooking, something totally made up. Newspapers have treated immigrants badly, but then even our Home Secretary lies about the honesty of Asylum Seekers.

Wrongly blamed for a multitude of society’s woes immigrants are rarely defended – but that is what we shall do here. This website will be critical of those critical of immigrants and will try to get to the truth of the matter where there is so often lies and prejudice.

Migrants have long faced the same barrage of criticisms – it would be amusing if it were not so tiresome. Almost all the insults and insinuations you have seen hurled at Asylum Seekers or economic migrants today have been used against Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and the Irish fleeing famine, they are no truer now then they were then. The Irish have never stolen your job and the Jews never bore any responsibility for the holocaust.

From the skills brought by Huguenot weavers in the 17th century to West Indian Nurses, the saviours of the NHS, immigrants have always contributed to the UK and I believe they can continue to do so.

Below are links to some arguments which try to get to the truth about immigration.

  1. Is the UK/England the most densely populated country in the World?
  2. …to be continued

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