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That Conservative policy for single mothers in full

Single Mothers

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Ah well, this is still probably better than whatever will replace it.

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When NGDP is Depressed, Employment is Depressed

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Increase NGDP, Put These People Back to Work

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  • I say taken, these were the borders dictated by Stalin as he pushed his sphere of influence west. 14 minutes ago
  • About 1.5m colonists, 0.5m Germans who lived in prewar Poland and 8m from land that was German before WW2 which was taken by Poland. 15 minutes ago
  • I had no idea how extensive ethnic cleansing of Germans was in Western Poland in 1945-47. About 10 million Germans ejected west. 22 minutes ago
  • RT @alexmassie: Shoot these people. MT @PeterAdamSmith: After "wedding lists", "gift lists" for kids' birthday parties is apparently now a … 30 minutes ago
  • RT @TomChivers: A thoughtful, balanced piece on the reality of foodbanks in the FT blogs.ft.com/off-message/20… apologies: can't remember who twe… 36 minutes ago
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Paul Sagar

Left Outside is always worth a read for passionate, and frequently irreverent, analysis and comment.

Sunny Hundal

Oi! Enough of the cheek!

Chris Dillow

Left Outside is, I think, entirely wrong

John Band

This might be the least well informed piece I’ve read on LC, which is quite an accolade.

DEC Appeal


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