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False dichotomy of the day

Complaining about the treatment of women in Iran is pointless unless you are suggesting we invade them to impose our view.

Words fail me.

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  1. Dunc says:

    Wow – I’d forgotten just how much I hate LibCon comments threads.

When NGDP is Depressed, Employment is Depressed

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Increase NGDP, Put These People Back to Work

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  • Plus what about ghost acres? Need to reread my Pomeranz after this. 2 hours ago
  • It is quite late...hmm..@richdhw any of the preceding tweets make sense to you? 2 hours ago
  • So capital's return might be exaggerated in the countries we have good records for because poor returns are concentrated in the poor world. 2 hours ago
  • If it's significant then r pre-1950 would be exaggerated I think. Which hurts his argument quite a lot. 2 hours ago
  • ...while lower yielding industries were located in the periphery. Not sure how significant this is nor how to work it out yet. 2 hours ago
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Left Outside is always worth a read for passionate, and frequently irreverent, analysis and comment.

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Oi! Enough of the cheek!

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Left Outside is, I think, entirely wrong

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This might be the least well informed piece I’ve read on LC, which is quite an accolade.

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