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A little context about Haiti’s recent History makes Pat Robertson’s hateful remarks even more foolish.

As you’ll be able to see below Pat said that the earthquake is punishment from God. Until 36 hours ago Haiti had in fact been seeing a period of relatively good news.

Matthew Yglesias: Part of the context for Haiti’s earthquake is that, unbeknownst to most people, we were just now in the midst of a pretty hopeful episode in Haiti’s history. Before the quake hit, Tyler Cowen was writing about this yesterday and observed that “Over the last year Haitian exports rose 23 percent and the country is expected to grow at a rate of 2.4 percent, only one of two countries in the Caribbean expected to have positive growth, Guyana being the other.”

Back in September, my then-colleagues Reuben Brigety and Natalie Ondiak did a report titled “Haiti’s Changing Tide: A Sustainable Security Case Study” that laid this out in some detail:

Haiti is currently experiencing one of the best combinations of open political space and physical security that the country has seen in decades. The stability is due in large part to the United Nations peacekeeping force, which has helped maintain order since 2004. Haiti’s President René Préval, elected in 2006, is also well regarded by the international community. And the democratically elected government is defined neither by corruption nor predatory behavior, unlike in many previous administrations. [...]

Analysis of the field research suggests that Haiti is experiencing a rare “dual-window” of opportunity in which conditions in Haiti and the United States make substantial change possible. These conditions will not last forever, however, and time is of the essence to take advantage of this rare opportunity. CAP’s research confirmed two vital points. The first is that the creation of large numbers of jobs in the near term is absolutely essential for preserving security in Haiti long enough to start a cycle of sustainable development. The second is that the Haitian government needs substantial help to improve its capacity to perform essential services that would stimulate economic growth and improve access to basic services for the population.

Watch the insufferable bastard Pat Robertson below. Does it make you angry? Then donate to help Haiti.

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Linky Love for the 14th of January

  • Penny Red is appaled at how easy it is to be acquitted of rape.
  • The Heresiarch is displeased with Sir Ian Blair’s reaction to the ruling against stop and search.
  • Hopi Sen is dismayed by the political Klass War (Pun courtesy of Carl Packman)
  • Lenny has an excellent post on Cameron, immigration and class.
  • Unity exposes the Tories’ NHS plans as Lies, Libel and Price Fixing

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When NGDP is Depressed, Employment is Depressed

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